Seasonal & Summer Programs

We offer a wide range of seasonal courses.

Come and study with Inlingua Leeds College at Fulneck School in Leeds.

Our summer school takes place at Fulneck School, nestled in the western outskirts of Leeds amidst the picturesque British countryside yet conveniently close to the city centre. Fulneck School boasts a distinctive and contemplative learning environment, characterized by timeless British architecture, tranquil surroundings, and excellent facilities. These include comfortable accommodations, well-equipped classrooms, a diverse menu of freshly cooked meals, and a range of amenities such as two assembly halls, sports facilities, and more.

Leeds benefits from being a vibrant city that seamlessly blends cultural richness, a modern lifestyle, and educational prominence. With its strategic location, green spaces, thriving economy, multicultural vibrancy, excellent transport links, and family-friendly atmosphere. Importantly, it offers these advantages at a cost that is notably favourable when compared to London.

Our Active English Programme

Experience English language improvement through our Active English Programme, where you’ll enhance your English skills within a nurturing setting led by qualified language instructors. Beyond conventional classroom learning, this program encourages daily English usage, immersing you in British culture. By integrating language practice into your daily life, you’ll master effective communication not only within a traditional school environment but also during excursions across the North of England. Our emphasis on authentic and practical English aims to inspire and equip you to confidently wield language skills in real-world scenarios, fostering your journey to become a proficient user of the language.

Football English Programme

Discover the unique advantages of our Summer Football and English Language Camp! Immerse yourself in a comprehensive English language experience within an English-speaking country, allowing students to refine their language skills through real-life situations.

Not only will you engage in immersive English studies, but you’ll also embark on an unparalleled football journey. Benefit from specialized coaching by FA Qualified coaches at dedicated playing facilities. Our program provides exposure to various facets of the professional game, including visits to Premier League stadiums, encounters with professional players, interactions with Premier League scouts and agents, and insights into player pathways leading to professional qualifications and training. Elevate your summer with a blend of language enrichment and an extraordinary football adventure!