Terms and Conditions Policy

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are formally entering into a contract with inlingua Leeds and agreeing to our processing of your data.

When students accept their place on an inlingua Leeds course, they are agreeing to attend their inlingua Leeds course and pay for the course in full.

Students must ensure that they have enough money for the course before they accept their place.

Sponsored students must ensure that they will be able to receive their funding before they accept their place at inlingua Leed.

Payment methods

  • inlingua Leeds College accepts payments via bank transfer, credit or debit card or, in certain circumstances, cash in the college.
  • Details of the inlingua Leeds bank account are on the invoices given to students. Students are responsible for paying any fees or deductions on international transfers
  • Students can pay by credit or debit card in the College. All card payments will each come with a 1.85% transaction fee on top of the amount being paid.
  • Students can pay in cash in the College. inlingua Leeds does not recommend that students carry large amounts of cash to the College for safety reasons.
  • inlingua Leeds does not accept Western Union payments.


  • To secure a place on an inlingua Leeds course, students must pay a 30% deposit on all their course fees. Students who do not pay the deposit risk losing their place to another student.
  • The deadline for registration on an MDA course is 12 weeks before the start of the course. Registrations after this point will incur an extra charge of £100 per student.
  • Students must pay their 30% deposit before the registration deadline. Payments after this deadline may incur extra charges in addition to the £100 late registration, depending on the payment method and date of payment. Please speak to MDA management for more information


  • The final deadline for payment and arrival of Financial Guarantees is the fifth Monday of the first semester at 5pm.
  • If students do not have a Payment Plan and do not pay their full fees by this date, they will not be allowed to continue to study at inlingua Leeds. No refund is given.

Instalments and Payment Plans

  • Students can request to pay for their course in instalments. This must be sent to inlingua Leeds in writing before they accept their place on the course. Requests for Payment Plans will be considered on a case by case basis up to the first day of the first semester. Any requests for Payment Plans after the start of the course will not be considered.
  • Students will need to complete a Payment Plan form, and have it approved by inlingua Leeds.
  • Students need to follow the Terms and Conditions as set out on their Payment Plan.
  • Students who do not keep to their Payment Plan or who fail to make payments will not be allowed to continue to study at inlingua Leeds.

Sponsored students

  • Students who will be sponsored are responsible for submitting their documents correctly to their sponsors on time.
  • Students who have not received their Financial Guarantee by the deadline may not be allowed to continue studying at inlingua Leeds. Payments should be completed by the end of the first semester.
  • If a student loses their sponsorship or their sponsorship fails, that student is then responsible for their full payment, including any refunds that inlingua Leeds must make, if they want to continue studying at MDA. Students who do not make payments will not be allowed to continue to study at inlingua Leeds.

Extra services and payments

  • inlingua Leeds offers a range of extras and services to its students that are not included in the main course fees and are usually optional to students*.
    *extra charges may be mandatory for students in certain circumstances. Please speak to MDA management for further information.
  • Students must pay for these services and extras in full before they can access them.
  • If the student hasn’t paid for the course or if their Financial Guarantee hasn’t been received by inlingua Leeds, they will not be given any course book or course materials.
  • If the s chool is required to close in response to COVID-19 restrictions, all face-to-face lessons will move online and will continue without interruption.


  • inlingua Leeds has holidays throughout the academic year, including UK bank holidays and Christmas. Please see the inlingua Leeds Holiday calendar for the holidays in each academic year.
  • Students are not charged for weeks when the college is closed if they are paying weekly. However, when the college is closed for a public or religious holiday that is only one day, students are still charged for a completeweek. No refunds will be given for any days missed due to holidays.


Cancellation of an inlingua Leeds course must only take place if:

  1. There are not enough students for this course to take place.
  2. There is a serious problem* that stops the students from coming to study at inlingua Leeds.

Course cancellations

  • Students must submit their course acceptance and pay 30% to secure their place on an MDA College course.
  • Students have the right to cancel their acceptance on any MDA course within 14 days of acceptance, provided they have not paid the deposit. Once the deposit is paid, it is only refundable if the cancellation is because of a serious problem*.

Cancellations for not enough students

  • If not enough students apply and are accepted onto an inlingua Leeds course, it may not be possible to run the course that academic year. This decision will be made by the MDA management team.
  • In this situation, students may be offered either an alternative route for the same course, or another course if possible.
  • If neither of these options is possible, the student is entitled to cancel their booking and receive a full refund on all payments made.
  • The refund of the 30% deposit will only be made if MDA management cannot offer an alternative to the student. For example, if that student cannot apply for any other courses or an alternative route would not allow them to progress onto their field at any university. If the student refuses a suitable alternative, the 30% deposit may not be refunded. This decision will be made by MDA management and their decision is final. Please see the Payment Policy for full terms and conditions regarding payments.

Cancellations for serious problems*
inlingua Leeds understands that a student can have problems in joining their inlingua Leeds course.

*A serious problem is

  • death/severe injury/major illness of the student that means that they are not physically or mentally able to complete their course. In this case, a full refund will be issued once official proof (such as a translated death certificate) has been approved.
  • death/severe injury/major illness of a close family member (parent, step-parent, sibling, spouse or child only) of the student that means they are not able to complete their course. In this case, MDA management will only refund any fees paid, but the 30% deposit will not be refunded. Official proof (such as a translated death certificate) must be provided and approved.
  • an incident or situation in which travel to the UK is not permitted and/or forces inlingua Leeds to temporarily close. In this situation, the deposit will not be refunded but any remaining paid course fees will do.
  • A student cannot receive any refunds for:
    • a visa refusal which is due to a student error or fraud
    • not meeting the minimum requirements of the inlingua Leeds course.
    • falsifying enrolment information or deliberately withholding relevant information on their application.
    • minor illnesses or injuries of students that would allow them to still attend their inlingua Leedscourse
    • minor illness or injury of a family member or death/severe injury/major illness of a family member not on the list above.
    • cancelling their inlingua Leeds because of receiving acceptance on another course elsewhere
    • changing their mind on joining their inlingua Leeds course for any reason.
    • not being able to complete payments once the course place has been secured
    • not keeping a Payment Plan
    • cancellation of any pre-agreed sponsorship.
    • cancellation of travel plans that have been against recommended travel advice from their home country.

Pausing of Enrolment
All students are advised to plan their course carefully.

  • We understand that there may be situations when students will need to pause their enrolment. In this case, they must give MDA 2 weeks’ notice so that the remaining weeks could be carried forward. If less than 2 weeks’ notice is given, MDA will deduct two weeks from the remaining weeks.
  • he student is required to give MDA 2 weeks’ notice before their intended return date. MDA will then book a place for them in an available class. If there isn’t an available class, MDA will suggest possible start dates when the student can come and study their remaining weeks.
  • The student must use their remaining weeks within 6 months starting from the pause date.
  • The paused weeks cannot be transferred to any other student.


  • Refunds are only given to students in extreme circumstances. To get a refund, a student must prove that inlingua Leeds has not provided a service that they have already paid for.
  • For example, students must show that a module or service stated on their fully paid invoice has not been provided.
  • Occasionally, it may be necessary for inlingua Leeds to cancel extra services/modules and so on due to lack of student numbers, inability to provide supervision/tuition or time and space constraints. In such cases, any students who have paid will be automatically issued with a full refund. If possible, inlingua Leeds will offer an alternative and allow students who choose if they would like to take that or the full refund.
  • Individual refund requests must be made to MDA management in writing.
    inlingua Leeds understands that students may face unexpected difficulties in fulfilling their study plan. However, students who fail to give adequate notice are causing difficulties in planning and organisation for inlingua Leeds. Students who contact inlingua Leeds 30 days before the start of their course can be considered` for a full refund in exceptional circumstances. For each day under the 30-day minimum a student waits to give notice of cancellation, a student loses the right to 4% of the total amount paid; for example, on day 30 they get 100% of non-admin fees refunded, 96% on day 29, 92% on day 28 and so on. When it reaches 5 days before their course, students are no longer entitled to any refund.
  • When the course cancellation period has ended, the student cannot request a refund. Also, they cannot request to pause the course.
  • Any day that a student is absent cannot be refunded and they cannot ask for any absent time to be carried forward.
  • We cannot give refunds for late arrival, early departure, absence during a course (including illness, COVID) or change of programme. If you are required to self-isolate during your course, please contact us with at least 24 hours’ notice; you may be able to join the class remotely as a ‘hybrid’ lesson.

Failing an inlingua Leeds

  • inlingua Leeds aims for all students enrolled to pass their courses and progress onto university. inlingua Leeds has set requirements for students starting an MDA course to ensure that all students do pass, but occasionally there may be students who fail.
  • Students can request a refund if they fail their inlingua Leeds course if:- the student can prove that relevant modules were not provided by inlingua Leeds.- the student can prove that relevant exams were not provided by inlingua Leeds.
  • The students themselves are responsible for ensuring they attend all classes, complete all work and progress over the course. inlingua Leeds takes no responsibility if a student does not pass their inlingua Leeds course or for the grades they receive in classes, mock exams, on coursework or on exams.
  • Students cannot request a refund if they fail a module on an inlingua Leeds course. inlingua Leeds takes no responsibility for students’ failures on any part of a course.
  • Students cannot request a refund if they do not receive any university offers or if they do not meet the requirements of a conditional offer given by a university. Students cannot get a refund if they do not receive a university offer from their chosen university. inlingua Leeds takes no responsibility if a student does not progress onto university after completing their inlingua Leeds course.
  • inlingua Leeds has procedures and policies in place to ensure that students are adequately supported to pass all their modules. If a student feels that they were not adequately supported or that inlingua Leeds failed in their duty to educate, this complaint can be passed onto our accreditors, EnglishUK, with proof of how inlingua Leeds has failed. EnglishUK will investigate and they may decide that the student is due a refund.
  • All course fee refund requests must be made in writing and submitted to inlingua Leeds management and to our accreditors, EnglishUK