The Common European Framework (CEFR) – I think we should link this to all courses when we mention CEFR

We use The Common European Framework (CEFR) to find out your level of English and to help you to progress to the next level. This is also what almost all English exams (IELTS, Cambridge, Trinity) use to test your level of English.

The CEFR is a list of what students at different levels can do in English. For example, you should be able to understand and give simple directions around a town at A2 level. You will see a copy of each list in your classroom.

For each level at MDA College, your teacher will help you to understand the CEFR for your level, and help you to improve in areas you find difficult. In each report, you will receive a score from our band system. Below Standard (BS) scores mean that you are failing the level. If you get a lot of Below Standard scores, you will need to move down a level. Exceeds Expectations (EE) scores mean that you are scoring very high results for this level. If you get a lot of Exceeds Expectations, you will need to move up a level so you have enough challenge.